Questions and Answers - Additional FAQ can be found in the demo

Does the autopost software detect when the ads have been flagged and taken down?

Yes, if the Kijiji autoposter receives such e-mails, it clears the status rows of these ads. Next time they'll be chosen to post.

Do you have a DEMO available?

Of course! Click here

Can I SPAM with Kijiji Auto Poster ?

Absolutely NOT! Spamming is not only a crime, but it is also against Kijiji's Terms Of Use. If your only intention is to clog Kijiji with junk ads then we do NOT want your business! This tool is for respectable users who have genuine interests in mind!

How does your program deal with ad flagging?

The Kijiji Auto Poster uses proprietary technology to make each ad unique. In addition, when you purchase the program, you will receive a comprehensive User Guide. By following this guide, you have a MUCH better chance of keeping your ad alive and well!

Will everything work with the "push of a button?"

No. Our auto posting software can help you make your mark but you need to realize that this ad posting software is a tool, not a magic bullet. With anything worthwhile, it takes some work up front to achieve favorable results. If you are willing to put in some work, you can stand out and post multiple ads to Kijiji on a regular basis. Remember to treat posting like a business. Be smart and plan your ad campaigns wisely.

Where can I read the program's description?

You can find it in the demo along with comprehensive help and FAQ's

How long is the normal wait until I receive the emails?

It depends on how busy is: from a second until an hour

I need more features. Can you suggest me anything else?

Additional features are added often and made available to subscribers automatically.

Do you offer add on modules for the posting software?

YES, a list of these modules can be found within software and here.

What support is offered with the autopost tool?

Aside from the comprehensive User Guide and FAQ documentation, we have an internal ticket system build into the software for your convenience. This is handled directly from the programming team.

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